Asian Metal Bands

Asian Metal Bands Are Good?

Hell yeah, Asian metal bands are freaking awesome!  Metal is an international phenomenon.  The music and craziness has touch all parts of the globe and made powerful impact on every generation and every culture.  Heavy metal is not only large in the United States, it is also big in the Asian community, particularity Japan and Korea.  Foreign countries are a little behind on the metal rock music due to cultural and societal norms, but there are some amazing Asian metal bands out there.  Metal music is still well and alive. It is like no other type of culture or breed. If you ever get a chance to watch youtube for five minutes try checking out X Japan. They are amazing!  If you’re just a hater, you can bounce out of this page now, but I hope you open your mind to other metal music.  Your mind is like a parachute, if only works if it is open.

Popular Asian Metal Bands To Know

Asian metal band history is essentially to the rise and continuance of heavy metal bands in Asian countries.  It’s difficult to get into other countries due to the fact that they don’t believe in you yet. Lack of promotions and media hurt many new Asian metal bands who try to make a living.  Countries like Korea and Japan would advertise K-pop at a massive rate.  The only way metal bands were to grow was to produce great music and a hardcore following base.  You get to meet bands from other nations and get to understand the promoters, getting in touch with organizers, therefore it’s a remarkable opportunity, he explained. It’s very vital for society to remain on top of political developments. These days, the Asian community, particularly in the west, is currently undergoing that exact same degradation.  Regardless of cultural differences and language, metal music is still the same.  Here is a list of my favorite 5 Asian metal bands to check out:

  1. Loudness – They are one (if not the ONE) of the greatest Japanese metal band of all time.
  2. X Japan – These guys are colorful, controversial and rebellious during their time reigning as one of the most popular metal bands in Asia. Oh, and they also sold over 30 million records!
  3. Seikima II – Japaneses metal band and has sold over 10 million albums.  In addition, each member is a portrays himself as a demon, such as the “crown prince of hell.”
  4. Sigh -This band was one of the first black metal band that made extreme but awesome music.
  5. Anthem – From Tokyo, this Japanese band made over 20 full albums in their career!  Check out their song, Insomnia on youtube.

Each of these Asian bands have made influential impact on the metal music scene.  Albums from X Japan proved to be a cohesive whole.  It creates a sound that feels like retro, but also distinctly now. Malaysian bands and venues support anti-racist, multi-ethnic messages which are in keeping with the international punk and metallic subcultures. The principal vocalist also can fit the metallic genre the majority of the moment.

Best Songs From Asian Metal Bands

Most kids deal with angst growing up and I would like to think I grew up with metal music to my ears to deal with my inner demons.  Every band we record is a special experience which makes it tough to select a favorite. There are increasingly more Asian metallic bands. As a group, it’s a lot easier to be aware that there’s other Asian metallic bands.  Here are some of the most popular Asian metal songs that I enjoy:

– Crazy Nights by Loudness

– Gimme Chocolate by Babymetal

– Insomnia by Anthem

– Omen by Crossfaith

– Endless Rain by X Japan

Check out this youtube video to hear a quick snippet of Asian metal music.

Asian Bands: What Took So Long To See Hear About Them?

Metal music did not blend well into the Asian communities due to cultural differences and social norms.   The dark make up, crazy hairdo and head banging did not set well with the Asian communities.  Governments censor certain acts or music and this made it hard to develop metal bands in some Asian countries.  Furthermore, the misconception that drugs played huge role in metal music also scare many people.  Asian families would prohibit their kids to listen to the “devil  music.”  There was no love for metal music in Asia.  Many foreign countries would restrict their news and radio show from showing metal music.  Many new Asian metal bands had to work extremely hard to compete with their own communities old social norms.

X Japan and Loudness are some of the few founding fathers that led the way and they made a monumental impact on Asian metal music. The road to success came with bumps and turns that almost broke some of these bands up.  Many members (no names) ran in problems such as drugs, alcohol, health and greed that almost broke many of the group’s success.  Long road trips and concerts tend to cause health problems and addiction if not treated properly.  Some members took supplements such as Best Turmeric Products to help with headaches or drink saki to deal with their problems.  For example, Loudness kept many of their core members, but lost crucial members too.

Asian Metal New Music

A new wave of Asian metal bands keep forming over the years due to change in cultural norms and technology.  Technology such as YouTube and Facebook  has created connect to the world.  Japan has the most asian metal groups in history, but now China is forming some groups.  One of the most popular metal bands in the Asian community today is Baby Metal.  These ladies can put on a amazing show!  All you will need is some feeling of rhythm.  Another group is Yaksa.  These guys can also put on a great show.  Not all of these are superior for certain, but some are just great to obey and to improve your shelves.  A great deal of metal fans underestimate the talents which exist in Asia from hot metallic spots, which are primarily concentrated in the united states and Europe, where it all began.  If you fancy some genuine heavy metallic madness, there is in fact no competition.  Open you mind and you may become a new fan of Asian metal music.

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