Fucked As-Shit Questions

Feel free to use the contact us page if you need any metal advice.

Is your blog named after the Breaking Benjamin song? No. We hate those fuckers.

Why did you choose such a stupid blog name then? Sometimes the stupid blog name chooses you -cough- or Jimbo just has no taste in website name selection. And we’re from Nebraska where it gets oh so cold.

Do you rock? Yes, we rock. Me and Jimbo (my brother in arms) play around Omaha (usually O’leavers) when we have time. 

Favorite Metal Band? That’s like choosing a favorite metal band for me (I’m never having kids). I’ll have to say Russian circles, Sun O))), Mastodon, Gojira, Goatfucker, and Drowning the Light are up there.

Favorite Metal Persona/Musician? Marilyn Manson. He’s got swag, intelligence, and an epic name. What more could you ask for?

What Kind of Guitar Do You Play?  I play a Schecter Demon-7 LH. It’s pretty basic, but that’s the kinda guy I am. You can rock out without worrying about looking too douchey…

Is punk rock dead? Yep. 

Is metal dead? Nope.

Is Kurt Cobain dead? Now you’re just asking stupid questions. Get the fuck out of here.