For Those About to Rock…

We Salute Metal

Welcome to the dark side of music! So Cold is a Hard Rock and Black Metal Blog made by lovers of all that is unsacred in the land of metal. If you like it hard, we like it harder. We’re here to impart our infinite wisdom and infinite-fucking-rage so that you can load up on the best sonic filth this side of Norway.

The purpose of So Cold Hard Rock and Metal Blog is to create a space where metal-heads and enthusiasts can get together and stay connected to the current scene. How to play metal progressions, a history of Norwegian Black Metal, and our list of the best Gwar Characters are just some of the topics we’ll touch.

Metal is Our Life (Sorry Wife)

No we didn’t name our site after that god-forsaken Breaking Benjamin song. See our FAQ for answers to other questions like this. The pulse of metal music is one that interweaves through generations and genres. It’s a passion for so many people (myself included) and I wanted to create a community where metal can be exalted and studied and enjoyed.

Metal music provides an energy that I feed off of. It’s a way to get aggression out without keeping it pent in. I truly feel that it’s therapeutic. If you’ve ever been to a Slayer show you’ll know what I’m talking about. The goosebumps a guy gets from fucking undeniably awesome rock. It’s really one of my favorite feelings (and I have a wife and three kids hehe).

Our Purpose As Rockers

We know that the scene these days is full of posers -COUGH METAL INJECTION COUGH- but that’s always been the case. If you are a true metal-head you don’t think about that. You rock your heart out and support the bands you love and keep looking forward! It’s not about the way you dress, it’s about the fucking love of the hardcore!

For me if someone has a true love of metal then I don’t give a fuck what they wear. This isn’t the goddamn Paris fashion week. It should be all about the music. That’s just my two cents.