Jive Mini Pods- Air Pod’s Controversial New Competitor

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Can Jive Mini Pods Handle Metal? So Cold Investigates!

Jive Mini Pods are everywhere online these days. If you do a search for cheap bluetooth headphones they’re almost always near the top. Some think that they’re the second coming of the Air Pods. Others say the only holes you should put them in are in the ground.

That makes it tough to decide, because many websites say they are good and many say they are bad. We wanted to find out ourselves and so we decided to buy them, try them, and rectify them.

And because we’re So Cold, we tested these with one genre and one genre only: METAL.

Our editors unboxed some fresh Jives and put them to the test in a series of metal music listening scenarios. We tested these categories:

  • Metal Music Listening Quality
  • Mic Quality
  • Battery Length
  • Bass
  • Android/Apple Connection
  • Comfort

The results were surprising. What many claim as a cheap ripoff is actually a solid option for those not willing to spend $100+ on headphones.

But do the Jive Mini Pods provide enough to keep the metalheads thrashing? 

For this answer you’ll have to get naked, crack a pbr, and buckle up cuz HERE. WE. GO!!!

Jive Mini Pods

Metal Music Listening Quality

We’re saving the best for first. Avid metal fans need to know: Do Jive Mini Pods have the goods to deliver sonic death and destruction right to the ear canal?

The Answer: meh.

These ear buds are ok. We aren’t gonna sing from a mountaintop or bite a bats head off though. Metal music is unfortunately one of the worst genres to listen to on these ear buds.

Here’s Why:

Tinny Sound- We tested Metallica, Megadeath, Gwar, and even Godflesh (look em up). None of these bands were done justice. There’s just a slight echo that rings as if the sound has bounced off of tin cans and into your ears. No static, but it still sounds like headphones you may have bought in the 90s.

Flat Treble – Not good, but not bad either. It kinda reminded me of the days on the school bus listening to Iron Maiden while I contemplated my overtaking of the world (D Trump beat me to it).

What about other genres?

Well, we’re a metal music blog. Fuck you and your other genres!!!

Jive Mini Pod Banner

Mic Quality

We tried a few calls with the Jive Minis to rave reviews. Like a dove on the wings of a summer breeze our first call was something of a dream. I gave my friend Mike D a ring and he answered in his usual hoarse voice, “dicksuckers anonymous, Mike D speaking”. It was clear and even the annunciation of dick-suck-ers was crystal. This is the biggest surprise here.

If you like talking on the phone to your friend Mike D while you take a shit these are absolutely perfect. I dropped a deuce and motherfucker even heard the splash! To me that means 10/10.

Battery Length

The life and death of a battery is a mournful occasion. Jive Mini Pods boast that their buds last up to 30 hours. Initially we were unsure, but after some intense testing we discovered this is actually true. Battery life was one area that the Minis truly excelled in, running at 32 hours in our test. It came near to the time posted by Air Pods. 


Metal Men with Ear Buds

In Metal bass is not the most essential component. We aren’t as needy as hip hop or fish jazz, so this isn’t as big of deal. But… if you’re gonna go and defy the Metal Code of “thou shalt not listen to any other music besides me” then be wary… This bass STINKS.

We tried all kinds of music and it was basically a flatliner. Limited bump means that you can’t feel the music as heavily and that’s a bad thing.

Consolation: Air Pods aren’t much better.


Surprise! Surprise! These are some comfy buds! Not as comfy as nestling with air buds. Also not as comfy as a night on the couch with that special bud -wink wink- But still pretty damn comfy.

We jumped. We head thrashed. We bashed our brains against a vending machine. Still these little puppies wouldn’t come out. I should have got the black version because YES, blood does stain whites.


Apple or android. Apples and Oranges more like it. We tried all kinds of phones with the new Jive Mini Pods (I even jammed them into a honeycrisp, but for some reason it couldn’t pear…). It responded pretty well with a maximum wait time of 15 seconds. The impatient among us may throw them out the window and into the gutter before the 15 second mark, but if you have time to kill these are alright (as Louis Anderson once said).

Final Thoughts

These offer consumers a great option to lighten the load on the wallet. Give them a try, I promise you’ll [insert word here] them.

Air Pod Competitor
This is what we say to Apple